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Specimen catalogue (excluding type specimens)  

Species’ names are followed by SMNS-collection numbers and country of origin, whenever available. Doubtful country records are marked with an asterisk (*). Note: Catalogue contains only specimens with African origin, regardless of actual species’ range. Additional specimens of particular species whose range extends continental Africa may hence be available.


A Testudines



Country of origin
I Cryptodira
Geochelone pardalis  SMNS 5865
Geochelone pardalis  SMNS 7454
Geochelone pardalis  SMNS 7475
Geochelone pardalis  SMNS 3908
Geochelone pardalis  SMNS 3907
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 5863
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 5579
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 5596
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 6087 Tanzania
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 5820
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 6110
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 6103
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 5542
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 5541
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 7558
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 11414
Geochelone pardalis babcocki SMNS 11439 Namibia
Geochelone pardalis pardalis SMNS 3902 South Africa
Geochelone pardalis pardalis SMNS 11340 South Africa
Geochelone sulcata SMNS 5859
Geochelone sulcata SMNS 5613
Geochelone sulcata SMNS 7385
Geochelone sulcata SMNS 7577
Geochelone sulcata SMNS 10326
Kinixys belliana  SMNS 4612 Kenya
Kinixys belliana  SMNS 5351 Kenya
Kinixys belliana belliana SMNS 3870
Kinixys belliana belliana SMNS 3869:1-2
Kinixys belliana belliana SMNS 5892 Tanzania
Kinixys belliana nogueyi SMNS 5591:1-2
Kinixys belliana nogueyi SMNS 4657 West Africa
Kinixys erosa SMNS 4619
Kinixys erosa SMNS 3866 Cameroon
Kinixys erosa SMNS 5893 Liberia
Kinixys erosa SMNS 5895 Cameroon
Kinixys erosa SMNS 6114
Kinixys erosa SMNS 6115 Senegal*
Kinixys erosa SMNS 9995:1-2 Gabon*
Kinixys erosa SMNS 11700
Kinixys homeana SMNS 3867 Nigeria
Kinixys homeana SMNS 7426:1-2
Kinixys homeana SMNS 4620
Kinixys homeana SMNS 5894:1-2 Cameroon
Kinixys homeana SMNS 7193
Kinixys homeana SMNS 3711
Kinixys homeana SMNS 5900 Nigeria
Kinixys homeana SMNS 3868 Nigeria
Kinixys homeana SMNS 3703
Kinixys homeana SMNS 8739 Nigeria
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 4007
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7481
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7482
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7483
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7484
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 5523
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 2457 Kenya
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 4008 Tanzania
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7421
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 5623 Kenya
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7466
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7467
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7468
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7469
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7470
Malacochersus tornieri SMNS 7471
Testudo graeca SMNS 5593 Morocco
Testudo graeca SMNS 5584:1-2 Morocco 
Testudo graeca graeca SMNS 6919 Morocco
Testudo graeca graeca SMNS 6920 Morocco
Testudo graeca graeca SMNS 3882:1-2
Testudo graeca graeca SMNS 3881:1-2
Testudo graeca graeca SMNS 5897 Algeria
Testudo graeca graeca SMNS 5534 Morocco
Testudo graeca marokkensis SMNS 4023
Testudo graeca marokkensis SMNS 4021 Morocco 
Tesudo graeca nabeulensis SMNS 12149:1-9
Testudo graeca soussensis SMNS 4575
Testudo graeca soussensis SMNS 4041
Testudo graeca terrestris SMNS 4022 Morocco
Testudo graeca terrestris SMNS 7600 Morocco
Testudo hermanni hermanni SMNS 7571 Morocco
Testudo kleinmanni SMNS 3899 Egypt
Cycloderma frenatum SMNS 4052 Nyassa See
Trionyx sp. SMNS 3714
Trionyx triunguis SMNS 4717 Egypt
Trionyx triunguis SMNS 4649
Trionyx triunguis SMNS 3957 Cameroon
Trionyx triunguis SMNS 7526
Trionyx triunguis SMNS 7183 Egypt
Trionyx triunguis SMNS 8516:1-2 Liberia
Trionyx triunguis SMNS 7643 Egypt
Caretta caretta SMNS 3918 South Africa
Chelonia mydas mydas SMNS 3920 Tanzania
Chelonia mydas mydas SMNS 3922 Tanzania
Lepidochelys olivacea SMNS 4051 Kenya
Lepidochelys olivacea SMNS 3336:1-3 West Africa
Lepidochelys olivacea SMNS 3932 Cameroon
II Pleurodira
Pelomedusa subrufa SMNS 5615
Pelomedusa subrufa SMNS 3958 Mozambique
Pelomedusa subrufa SMNS 4641:1-2
Pelomedusa subrufa SMNS 5552
Pelomedusa subrufa subrufa SMNS 3961:1-3 South Africa
Pelomedusa subrufa subrufa SMNS 2314 Namibia
Pelomedusa subrufa subrufa SMNS 6084 Kenya
Pelomedusa subrufa subrufa SMNS 6091 Tanzania
Pelusios bechuanicus SMNS 3972
Pelusios bechuanicus SMNS 4609
Pelusios castaneus SMNS 3963 Liberia
Pelusios castanoides SMNS 3971
Pelusios c. castanoides SMNS 3970
Pelusios cf. subniger SMNS 9962
Pelusios gabonensis SMNS 4597
Pelusios gabonensis SMNS 3962 Liberia
Pelusios gabonensis SMNS 3964 Ghana
Pelusios gabonensis SMNS 7549 West Africa
Pelusios gabonensis SMNS 7547
Pelusios niger SMNS 7150 Cameroon
Pelusios niger SMNS 4625 Liberia
Pelusios sinuatus SMNS 3966 Tanzania
Pelusios sinuatus SMNS 3968 Tanzania
Pelusios sinuatus SMNS 3967 Tanzania
Pelusios sinuatus SMNS 3965 Tanzania
Pelusios sinuatus SMNS 6090 Tanzania
Pelusios sinuatus SMNS 9960
Pelusios sp. SMNS 3969
Pelusios subniger SMNS 10188
B Squamata
I Sauria (Lacertilia) 
Agama aculeata SMNS 419 South Africa
Agama agama SMNS 378 Ghana
Agama agama SMNS 379 Cameroon
Agama agama SMNS 380 Togo
Agama agama SMNS 381:1-8 Cameroon
Agama agama SMNS 383:1-5 West Africa
Agama agama SMNS 386:1-2 Ghana
Agama agama SMNS 410 Cameroon
Agama agama SMNS 411:1-2 Ghana
Agama agama SMNS 412:1-2 Togo
Agama agama SMNS 413 Cameroon
Agama agama SMNS 5304:1-2 East Africa
Agama agama SMNS 5305 Kenya
Agama agama SMNS 4836:1-3 Cameroon
Agama agama SMNS 382:1-2 Nigeria
Agama agama SMNS 384:1-6 Togo
Agama agama SMNS 385 Cameroon
Agama agama SMNS 387:1-5 Togo
Agama agama SMNS 2329:1-4
Agama agama SMNS 5746:1-2 Kenya
Agama agama SMNS 8771 Tanzania
Agama agama SMNS 8788:1-6 Côte d’Ivoire
Agama agama cf. africana SMNS 8505:1-2 Liberia
Agama anchitae SMNS 401 Namibia
Agama atra SMNS 393:1-2
Agama atra SMNS 394:1-3 South Africa
Agama atra SMNS 395 Namibia
Agama atra atra SMNS 396:1-4 South Africa
Agama atra atra SMNS 397 Tanzania
Agama atra atra SMNS 398 Tanzania
Agama atra atra SMNS 399 Tanzania
Agama atra atra SMNS 400 Tanzania
Agama atra atra SMNS 8324
Agama hispida SMNS 414:1-6 South Africa
Agama impalearis SMNS 6932 Morocco
Agama impalearis SMNS 422 Algeria
Agama impalearis SMNS 423 Egypt
Agama impalearis SMNS 424 Morocco
Agama impalearis SMNS 2281:1-3 Algeria
Agama impalearis SMNS 2282 Algeria 
Agama impalearis SMNS 2284 Algeria
Agama impalearis SMNS 2287 Algeria
Agama impalearis SMNS 5139:1-5 Algeria *
Agama impalearis SMNS 425:1-4 Algeria
Agama impalearis SMNS 426:1-2 Algeria
Agama impalearis SMNS 1500 Morocco
Agama kirkii kirkii SMNS 427:1-3 Tanzania
Agama mossambica SMNS 429 Tanzania
Agama mwanzae SMNS 445 Tanzania
Agama sankaranica SMNS 8818 Côte d’Ivoire
Agama sp. SMNS 8769
Agama sp. SMNS 11406
Uromastyx acanthinurua SMNS 9950
Uromastyx acanthinurua SMNS 9951
Uromastyx acanthinurua SMNS 9952
Uromastyx acanthinurua SMNS 11502
Uromastyx acanthinurua SMNS 11503 Morocco
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 594
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 597 Algeria *
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 598 Algeria
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 608
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 2280:1-3 Algeria 
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 2417:1-2 Morocco
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 3715
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 5564:1-2 Morocco
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 613
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 593:1-2 Algeria
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 595:1-2
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 596 Lybia
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 599 Algeria
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 600 Algeria *
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 601 Algeria
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 606
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 10066 Algeria
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 10385 Morocco
Uromastyx acanthinurus SMNS 8770 Algeria
Uromastyx aegyptius SMNS 602:1-2 Algeria
Uromastyx aegyptius SMNS 612 Egypt
Uromastyx aegyptius SMNS 5235:1-2 Egypt
Uromastyx aegyptius SMNS 5684
Uromastyx aegyptius SMNS 604:1-2 Egypt
Uromastyx benti SMNS 11353
Uromastyx benti SMNS 11397
Chamaeleo africanus SMNS 261 Nigeria
Chamaeleo africanus SMNS 262
Chamaeleo africanus SMNS 263 Egypt
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus SMNS 304 Tanzania
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus SMNS 4546 Kenya
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus SMNS 5380:1-4
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus SMNS 10497
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus SMNS 10498
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus SMNS 10499
Chamaeleo bitaeniatus SMNS 11648 Democratic Republic of Congo
Chamaeleo calyptratus SMNS 278 Egypt
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 269 Tunesia
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 274 Algeria
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 275 Tunesia
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 277
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 279:1-3 Egypt
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 1413 Lybia
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 270:1-9 Lybia
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 276 Algeria
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 281
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 283:1-4 Tanzania
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 293 Algeria
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 10070 Egypt
Chamaeleo chamaeleon SMNS 11554
Chamaeleo cristatus SMNS 295 Cameroon
Chamaeleo cristatus SMNS 1492 Cameroon
Chamaeleo deremensis SMNS 294 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 296:1-2
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 297 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 298
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 300 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 301 Gabon*
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 302:1-3 Namibia
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 303:1-5 Mozambique
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 306 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 307 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 310 East Africa
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 311 East Africa
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 312 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 313
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 314 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 315 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 316 East Africa
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 2274:1-3 Zimbabwe
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 2275:1-2 Zimbabwe
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 2358 Kenya
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 305:1-4 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 308:1-3 Tanzania
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 309:1-14
Chamaeleo dilepis SMNS 10511
Chamaeleo fischeri SMNS 317 Tanzania
Chamaeleo fischeri SMNS 318 Tanzania 
Chamaeleo fischeri SMNS 319
Chamaeleo fischeri tavetanus SMNS 320 Tanzania
Chamaeleo fischeri tavetanus SMNS 321 Tanzania
Chamaeleo fischeri tavetanus SMNS 322 Tanzania
Chamaeleo fischeri tavetanus SMNS 323 Tanzania
Chamaeleo fischeri tavetanus SMNS 5754 Tanzania 
Chamaeleo fischeri tavetanus SMNS 5763 Tanzania
Chamaeleo fischeri uthmoelleri SMNS 324 Tanzania
Chamaeleo gracilis SMNS 325 West Africa
Chamaeleo gracilis SMNS 326 Ghana
Chamaeleo gracilis SMNS 327:1-2 Nigeria
Chamaeleo gracilis SMNS 370 Ghana
Chamaeleo gracilis SMNS 8787 Côte d’Ivoire
Chamaeleo gracilis SMNS 8810
Chamaeleo hoehnelii SMNS 10500
Chamaeleo jacksoni SMNS 5206:1-7 Kenya
Chamaeleo jacksoni SMNS 5273:1-2 Kenya
Chamaeleo jacksoni SMNS 5321:1-2 Kenya
Chamaeleo jacksoni SMNS 6068:1-3
Chamaeleo jacksoni SMNS 10513
Chamaeleo johnstoni  SMNS 11650:1-3 Democratic Republic of Congo
Chamaeleo johnstoni iturensis SMNS 8357 Democratic Republic of Congo
Chamaeleo johnstoni johnstoni SMNS 8924
Chamaeleo johnstoni johnstoni SMNS 8952
Chamaeleo johnstoni johnstoni SMNS 8933 Democratic Republic of Congo
Chamaeleo laevigatus SMNS 6071 Ruanda
Chamaeleo laevigatus SMNS 367 Uganda
Chamaeleo laterispinis SMNS 8922
Chamaeleo laterispinis SMNS 8928 Tanzania
Chamaeleo laterispinis SMNS 8929:1-2
Chamaeleo melleri SMNS 1494
Chamaeleo melleri SMNS 5747
Chamaeleo melleri SMNS 11555
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 335:1-2 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 336:1-3 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 337
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 338 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 340:1-5 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 339:1-3 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 4545:1-2 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 8926:1-2
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 11326 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 10457
Chamaeleo montium SMNS 11649 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium montium SMNS 5955 Cameroon
Chamaeleo montium montium SMNS 341:1-2 Cameroon
Chamaeleo namaquensis SMNS 342:1-2 South Africa
Chamaeleo namaquensis SMNS 343 SW-Africa
Chamaeleo namaquensis SMNS 1491:1-2 Namibia
Chamaeleo oweni SMNS 330
Chamaeleo quilensis SMNS 347 Mozambique
Chamaeleo quilensis SMNS 348 South Africa
Chamaeleo quilensis SMNS 349:1-3 South Africa
Chamaeleo quilensis SMNS 350:1-5 Cameroon
Chamaeleo quilensis SMNS 351:1-2 Namibia
Chamaeleo quilensis SMNS 352 Cameroon
Chamaeleo quilensis SMNS 353
Chamaeleo quilensis SMNS 354 Namibia
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 356 West Africa
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 357 Ghana
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 358 West Africa
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 360:1-2 Ghana
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 361 Togo
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 362 East Africa
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 363 Ghana
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 364:1-2 Ghana
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 365 Ghana
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 366 Ghana
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 5420 Cameroon *
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 359:1-2 Sierra Leone
Chamaeleo senegalensis SMNS 8786 Côte d’Ivoire
Rhampholeon kerstenii SMNS 8921 Democratic Republic of Congo
Rhampholeon spectrum SMNS 8356:1-2 Democratic Republic of Congo
Cnemaspis africana SMNS 80 Tanzania
Cnemaspis africana SMNS 81 Tanzania
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 2:1-4 Ghana
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 37:1-5 Nigeria
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 48 Cameroon
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 49 Tanzania
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 50 Mozambique
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 51 Mozambique
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 52:1-2 Tanzania
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 53 Nigeria *
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 54:1-3
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 56:1-2 Cameroon
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 8509 Liberia
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 8511 Liberia 
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 8785:1-3 Côte d’Ivoire
Hemidactylus brookii SMNS 8875:1-2 Togo
Hemidactylus brookii angulatus SMNS 5369 Côte d’Ivoire
Hemidactylus fasciatus SMNS 38 Cameroon
Hemidactylus fasciatus SMNS 39:1-3 Cameroon
Hemidactylus fasciatus SMNS 41:1-6 Ghana
Hemidactylus fasciatus SMNS 5419 Ghana
Hemidactylus fasciatus SMNS 8819 Côte d’Ivoire
Hemidactylus leschenaultii SMNS 8337
Hemidactylus mabouia SMNS 22 Mozambique
Hemidactylus mabouia SMNS 24:1-2 Democratic Republic of Congo
Hemidactylus mabouia SMNS 27 Cameroon
Hemidactylus mabouia SMNS 28 Kenya
Hemidactylus mabouia SMNS 31:1-3 Tanzania
Hemidactylus mabouia SMNS 32:1-3 Cameroon
Hemidactylus mabouia SMNS 8358:1-3 Democratic Republic of Congo
Hemidactylus mabouia SMNS 11943 Cameroon
Hemidactylus cf. muriceus SMNS 12206 Guinea
Hemidactylus richardsonii SMNS 8 Cameroon
Hemidactylus ruspolii SMNS 1361 Ethiopia
Hemidactylus triedrus SMNS 13
Hemidactylus triedrus SMNS 17 South Africa
Hemidactylus turcicus SMNS 9:1-8 Egypt
Hemidactylus turcicus SMNS 5753
Lygodactylus capensis SMNS 181:1-8 Mozambique 
Lygodactylus conraui SMNS 191 Nigeria
Lygodactylus gutturalis SMNS 8782 Côte d’Ivoire
Lygodactylus luteopicturatus SMNS 8117 Kenya
Lygodactylus picturatus  SMNS 4724 Kenya
Lygodactylus picturatus mombasicus SMNS 176:1-5 Tanzania
Lygodactylus picturatus mombasicus SMNS 179 Tanzania
Lygodactylus picturatus picturatus SMNS 177 Kenya (near Zanzibar)
Lygodactylus thomensis SMNS 173:1-2 West Africa
Lygodactylus verticillatus SMNS 178 Mozambique (island of Europa)
Pachydactylus bibronii SMNS 217
Pachydactylus bibronii pulitzerae SMNS 165:1-3 Namibia
Pachydactylus bibronii pulitzerae SMNS 166 Namibia
Pachydactylus bibronii pulitzerae SMNS 183 Namibia
Pachydactylus bibronii pulitzerae SMNS 236:1-2 Namibia
Pachydactylus capensis SMNS 2323 Namibia
Pachydactylus geitje SMNS 167:1-6 South Africa
Pachydactylus geitje SMNS 8045
Pachydactylus laevigatus SMNS 2303:1-2 Namibia
Pachydactylus maculatus SMNS 8057
Pachydactylus maculatus oculatus SMNS 8056:1-2
Pachydactylus mariquensis SMNS 8323
Pachydactylus sp. SMNS 11473 Namibia
Pristurus flavipunctatus SMNS 129 Egypt
Stenodactylus petrii SMNS 224
Stenodactylus petrii SMNS 230 Algeria
Stenodactylus sthenodactylus SMNS 225:1-2 Egypt
Stenodactylus sthenodactylus SMNS 227 Tunesia
Stenodactylus sthenodactylus SMNS 229 Egypt
Stenodactylus sthenodactylus SMNS 2292 Algeria
Stenodactylus sthenodactylus SMNS 5656:1-2
Stenodactylus sthenodactylus SMNS 8260 Tunesia
Chamaesaura anguina SMNS 731:1-2 South Africa
Cordylus cataphractus SMNS 712
Cordylus cataphractus SMNS 713
Cordylus cataphractus SMNS 8806
Cordylus cataphractus SMNS 11475
Cordylus cordylus SMNS 10076
Cordylus cordylus SMNS 10135 South Africa
Cordylus giganteus SMNS 705 South Africa
Cordylus giganteus SMNS 1488
Cordylus giganteus SMNS 710
Cordylus giganteus SMNS 708 South Africa
Cordylus giganteus SMNS 709 South Africa
Cordylus lawrenci SMNS 714
Cordylus niger SMNS 711
Cordylus niger SMNS 721 South Africa
Cordylus niger SMNS 723 South Africa
Cordylus niger SMNS 724:1-2 South Africa
Cordylus polyzonus SMNS 722 South Africa
Cordylus polyzonus SMNS 11407
Cordylus tropidosternum SMNS 5188 Tanzania
Cordylus vittifer SMNS 11415
Cordylus warreni SMNS 8748
Cordylus warreni depressus SMNS 8213
Cordylus warreni depressus SMNS 12158
Cordylus warreni depressus SMNS 12159
Cordylus warreni depressus SMNS 12160
Cordylus warreni depressus SMNS 12161
Platysaurus intermedius rhodesianus SMNS 2348 Zimbabwe
Platysaurus intermedius rhodesianus SMNS 2362 Zimbabwe 
Gerrhosaurus flavigularis fitzsimonsi SMNS 5187 Tanzania
Gerrhosaurus major SMNS 5260 Kenya
Gerrhosaurus major SMNS 5261:1-3 Kenya
Gerrhosaurus major SMNS 5393:1-2 Kenya
Gerrhosaurus nigrolineatus SMNS 732:1-2
Gerrhosaurus validus SMNS 2277 Zimbabwe
Gerrhosaurus validus SMNS 2402 Zimbabwe
Eremias rubropunctata SMNS 772 Algeria
Eremias rubropunctata SMNS 803 Lybia
Eremias rubropunctata SMNS 808:1-3 Egypt
Eremias rubropunctata SMNS 2289:1-2 Algeria
Heliobolus nitida SMNS 8781:1-2 Côte d’Ivoire
Heliobolus spekii SMNS 812
Heliobolus spekii SMNS 804 Tanzania
Ichnotropis squamulosa SMNS 815
Ichnotropis squamulosa SMNS 2306 Namibia
Acontias meleagris SMNS 1062:1-5 South Africa
Acontias meleagris SMNS 10164
Acontias meleagris SMNS 10165:1-2 South Africa
Chalcides chalcides SMNS 1067
Chalcides chalcides SMNS 1070
Chalcides chalcides SMNS 1102:1-3 Algeria *
Chalcides chalcides SMNS 1103:1-2 Algeria *
Chalcides guentheri SMNS 1068 Algeria
Chalcides mionecton SMNS 1065 Morocco
Chalcides mionecton SMNS 1073 Morocco
Chalcides mionecton trifasciatus SMNS 2359:1-5 Morocco
Chalcides ocellatus SMNS 1074
Chalcides ocellatus SMNS 1079:1-2
Chalcides ocellatus SMNS 8916:1-3
Chalcides ocellatus SMNS 1088:1-2 Tunesia
Chalcides ocellatus SMNS 5191:1-2 North Africa
Chalcides ocellatus SMNS 10096 Algeria
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1075:1-3
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1078:1-2 Egypt
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1083:1-3 Lybia
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1086:1-2 Algeria
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1087:1-4 Egypt
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 5381 North Africa
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1076 North Africa
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1080:1-2 Algeria
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1093:1-2 Egypt
Chalcides ocellatus tiligugu SMNS 1094:1-3 Lybia
Cophoscincopus simulans SMNS 12203 Guinea
Cophoscincopus simulans SMNS 12204 Guinea
Cophoscincopus simulans SMNS 12205 Guinea
Leptosiaphos kilimensis SMNS 1339 Tanzania
Lygosoma afer (afrum) SMNS 1226 Tanzania
Lygosoma afer (afrum) SMNS 1228 Tanzania
Lygosoma fernandi SMNS 1164:1-2 Ghana
Lygosoma fernandi SMNS 1254 Ghana
Lygosoma fernandi SMNS 1327
Lygosoma guineensis SMNS 5422:1-2 Cameroon
Lygosoma guineensis SMNS 8777 Côte d’Ivoire
Lygosoma cf. somalicum SMNS 12207 Kenya
Lygosoma sundevalli SMNS 1227 West Africa
Lygosoma sundevalli SMNS 1229:1-2 Kenya
Lygosoma sundevalli SMNS 1340 Tanzania
Lygosoma sundevalli SMNS 2317:1-7 Namibia
Mabuya affinis SMNS 1313:1-7 Ghana
Mabuya affinis SMNS 1314 Ghana
Mabuya affinis SMNS 1315:1-2 Cameroon
Mabuya affinis SMNS 8775:1-6 Côte d’Ivoire
Mabuya affinis SMNS 12208 Guinea
Mabuya boulengeri SMNS 8918 Tanzania
Mabuya brevicollis SMNS 1344 Tanzania
Mabuya brevicollis SMNS 5316 Kenya
Mabuya brevicollis SMNS 3660:1-4 Kenya
Mabuya buettneri SMNS 8779:1-2 Côte d’Ivoire
Mabuya capensis SMNS 1256:1-2
Mabuya capensis SMNS 1316 Namibia
Mabuya capensis SMNS 1317:1-4 South Africa
Mabuya capensis SMNS 1318 South Africa
Mabuya capensis SMNS 2308:1-3 Namibia
Mabuya irregularis SMNS 11411:1-4 Uganda
Mabuya longiloba SMNS 2309 Namibia
Mabuya maculilabris SMNS 1251:1-2 Cameroon
Mabuya maculilabris SMNS 1274:1-2 Ghana
Mabuya maculilabris SMNS 1343 Somalia
Mabuya maculilabris SMNS 8510 Liberia
Mabuya maculilabris SMNS 9848:1-2  Sao Thomé
Mabuya maculilabris albotaeniata SMNS 1258 Tanzania (island of Pemba)
Mabuya megalura SMNS 1346 Tanzania
Mabuya occidentalis SMNS 1324 South Africa
Mabuya occidentalis SMNS 2334
Mabuya paucisquamis SMNS 12209 Côte d’Ivoire
Mabuya perrotetii SMNS 1270 Ghana
Mabuya perrotetii SMNS 1283
Mabuya perrotetii SMNS 1285 Togo
Mabuya perrotetii SMNS 1286 Senegal
Mabuya perrotetii SMNS 1288 Sierra Leone
Mabuya perrotetii SMNS 1289 Ghana
Mabuya perrotetii SMNS 1290:1-2 Ghana
Mabuya perrotetii SMNS 8776:1-4 Côte d’Ivoire
Mabuya quinquetaeniata SMNS 1291:1-2
Mabuya quinquetaeniata SMNS 1293 Lybia
Mabuya quinquetaeniata SMNS 1292 Egypt
Mabuya quinquetaeniata SMNS 1294 Egypt
Mabuya quinquetaeniata SMNS 1295:1-2 Egypt
Mabuya quinquetaeniata SMNS 1296:1-6 Egypt
Mabuya quinquetaeniata SMNS 8778 Côte d’Ivoire
Mabuya raddoni SMNS 8359:1-3 Democratic Republic of Congo 
Mabuya spilogaster SMNS 2310:1-6 Namibia
Mabuya spilogaster SMNS 5172 Namibia
Mabuya striata SMNS 1303 Tanzania
Mabuya striata SMNS 1304 Tanzania
Mabuya striata SMNS 1305 Tanzania
Mabuya striata SMNS 1306 Tanzania
Mabuya striata SMNS 1307 Namibia
Mabuya striata SMNS 1308:1-4 Namibia
Mabuya striata SMNS 1309:1-4 Tanzania
Mabuya striata SMNS 1310 Tanzania
Mabuya striata SMNS 1342 Tanzania
Mabuya striata SMNS 1345
Mabuya striata SMNS 4553 South Africa
Mabuya striata SMNS 5171 Namibia
Mabuya sulcata SMNS 2311:1-2 Namibia
Mabuya varia SMNS 1341 Somalia
Mabuya vittata SMNS 1323:1-2 Tunesia
Panaspis togoensis SMNS 8780:1-6 Côte d’Ivoire
Panaspis wahlbergii SMNS 1050 Mozambique
Panaspis wahlbergii SMNS 1058 Tanzania
Scelotes poensis SMNS 1240:1-2 West Africa
Varanus albigularis SMNS 4465 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 5208:1-3 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 3665:1-2 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 3666 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 5395 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 5263 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 3667 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 2409 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 2410 Kenya
Varanus albigularis SMNS 5734 Kenya
Varanus exanthematicus SMNS 1420:1-2
Varanus exanthematicus SMNS 5272
Varanus exanthematicus SMNS 4567 Senegal
Varanus exanthematicus SMNS 5303
Varanus exanthematicus SMNS 1421 West Africa
Varanus exanthematicus SMNS 5853 Senegal
Varanus exanthematicus SMNS 8507 Liberia
Varanus exanthematicus SMNS 8789 Côte d’Ivoire
Varanus flavescens SMNS 5755
Varanus flavescens SMNS 1422:1-2
Varanus griseus SMNS 4471 Algeria
Varanus griseus SMNS 1426
Varanus griseus SMNS 10301
Varanus griseus SMNS 9809 Algeria
Varanus griseus griseus SMNS 10459
Varanus niloticus SMNS 2439 Kenya
Varanus niloticus SMNS 5189 Tanzania
Varanus niloticus SMNS 2403 Kenya
Varanus niloticus SMNS 5703
Varanus niloticus SMNS 5704 Nigeria
Varanus niloticus SMNS 9871
Varanus niloticus SMNS 10123 Afrika W
Varanus niloticus  SMNS 1439 Tanzania (Zanzibar)
Varanus niloticus  SMNS 2356:1-2 Kenya
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1437
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1434:1-2
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1433 Ghana
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 2412 Kenya
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 5421 Cameroon
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1438 Cameroon
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1432 South Africa
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1444 Ghana
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1436 Senegal
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 5154 Tanzania
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1431 West Africa
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1430:1-3
Varanus niloticus niloticus SMNS 1443 South Africa
Varanus ornatus SMNS 1445:1-2 Sierra Leone
Varanus ornatus SMNS 6725:1-2 Ghana
Varanus ornatus SMNS 1441:1-3 Cameroon
Varanus ornatus SMNS 1477 Cameroon
Varanus ornatus SMNS 1447 Ghana
Varanus ornatus SMNS 1435 Cameroon
Varanus ornatus SMNS 1440:1-3 West Africa
Varanus ornatus SMNS 1429
Varanus ornatus SMNS 1442 Liberia
Varanus sp. SMNS 8521 Liberia
II Amphisbaenia
Cynisca leucura SMNS 12210 Côte d’Ivoire
Cynisca rouxae SMNS 8435:1-5 Côte d’Ivoire



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